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Digital Product Owner





·Define and align the vision of the different digital customer journeys for key users of the MED business segment;

·Share and communicate that vision and give direction to the product owners of agile development teams and stake-holders (within China and global team);

·Build up and maintain an external knowledge base on key customer roles, stakeholders to be considered, personas and their respective pain points based on facts, data and studies;

·Build up and maintain an internal knowledge base of how planned and existing digital solutions, personal interac-tions, device interfaces etc. build touchpoints for our customers;

·Advise the product teams of different digital solutions in how the solutions should be positioned within the end-to-end customer journey and establish connections to related product teams;

·Report to senior management major pain points, suggest new projects or activities to overcome them and estimate its business value;

·Analyse and aggregate existing data and feedback and suggest and run additional external market research, cus-tomer experience surveys;

·Support project teams in their customer research phase;

·Work with different internal and external stakeholders e.g. top management, Sales and Marketing, SSCs and exter-nal stakeholders like customers.

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Contact Person:Dean Du